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Give us your feedback


Feedback on Training:

BE LOUD AND HEARD, let us know about your training experience with PROFESSIONAL FITNESS. Your feedback and suggestions will help us improve our education services so we keep providing you with the highest quality of training.

Feedback on Service:

Every aspect of how  PROFESSIONAL FITNESS serves customers like you is regularly reviewed and carefully analyzed. One of the most important components of these reviews is gathering feedback directly from our customers. It is because of suggestions and responses from our customers that we have made changes such as the following:

  • Adding  the Les Mills clothing line for sale at Quarterly Workshops
  • Providing webinars for ACE ( American Council on exercise) students from outside the India.
  • Extending  our office hours on Saturdays for walk in customers
  • Offering private in- house training at discounted price for groups of 12

As one of our valued customers, you can help us improve our service, our products and our overall way of doing business. Please take a few minutes to write any comments on your experience dealing with PROFESSIONAL FITNESS.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us. We appreciate your time and effort in providing feedback to us.