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Assessments & Certification

Why Certify?

More and more clubs are ONLY employing Fully Certified Instructors. Certification for a club is peace of mind that the instructor is delivering a high quality product that is consistent with participant expectation around the globe.

Fully Certified? Then the globe is yours to explore! Certification allows you to teach in many countries, allowing you to experience awesome teaching experiences not to mention expanding your Les Mills™ Family of friends! Are you pondering the thought of expanding your Les Mills™ Career to include Presenter/Trainer/Assessor opportunities or attendance to the Advanced Instructor Modules? Then you will need to be Certified.

Certification is your stamp of integrity as a Les Mills™ instructor. Being open to constructive feedback and being prepared to continue self development will see you a very sought after and respected instructor and a valuable asset to the Les Mills™ brand.

Assessments & Certification

Instructors are considered trainees post Initial Module Training. Upon successful completion of the training, you must first complete and pass your video assessment to become internationally certified.
Les Mills™ Certification involves filming your class and sending your video to the Certifications Department for assessment. A Video Certification can be completed any time post-initial training, this should be done within the recommended timeframe; within 16 weeks maximum.

A PASS or RESUBMIT outcome and feedback will be posted to you within 4-6 weeks.

Once you PASS you are deemed a Certified Les Mills™ Instructor. You will receive a copy of your Les Mills™ Certificate by email and the original one will be presented to you at the Quarterly Workshop. To keep your Les Mills™ certificate valid and stay active on the Les Mills™ list of instructors you are required to attend your Quarterly Workshops on a regular basis and order all your new releases 4 times a year.

Assessments can be booked/purchased through the PROFESSIONAL FITNESS Shop.


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