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Advanced Instructor Module

Wanting to take the next step? The three-day Advanced Instructor Module training provides you with all the training options and tools you need to hit your next career goal.

  • Les Mills™ Certified Instructor – competency in Choreography, Technique and Coaching. You are now qualified to teach the Les Mills™ programs.
  • Les Mills™ Advanced Instructor – competency in Choreography, Technique, Coaching, Connection and Fitness Magic. This proves you are a strong instructor on your way to become the best of the best.
  • Les Mills™ Elite Instructor – excellence in Choreography, Technique, Coaching, Connection and Fitness Magic. A high-quality stamp that allows you to take the stage at National Events, Quarterly Workshops and re-launches in your region. The next generation of Trainers will be sourced from this group.


How to Get There

aim picTo gain Advanced and Elite qualification, you’ll need to complete and pass the new Advanced Modules 1 & 2.

The new Advanced Module 1 is program-specific and focuses on how to better teach in the essence of the program. It’s an in-depth exploration of technique and coaching. Instructors teach and receive feedback by a world-class Trainer twice. To attend Module 2, you must first complete Module 1.

Module 2 is a two-day generic module that completely immerses you in the Les Mills™ culture and values. It will help you unlock the skills and tools that make good instructors become rock stars that pack the room every time. Module 2 will improve your ability to connect with the class in front of you and take every single member to success. You’ll learn how to use the 5 Key Elements in a more holistic way – creating the change on the floor faster. You’ll also explore how to teach with authenticity and contrast. As part of Module 2, you’ll teach and receive feedback by world-class Trainers four times. At the end of Module 2, if your teaching matches the criteria, you will rise to Advanced or even to Elite level.

Note: If you teach several Les Mills™ programs, you have the possibility to present two different programs at Module 2, but you must have completed Module 1 for both programs first.


Where to Next?

Advanced Instructor status is proof of your ability to truly connect with your audience and exemplify the Les Mills™ approach to fitness. Think of it as you, amplified. Elite Instructor status on the other hand, takes your career to the ultimate level – and helps you achieve Regional or National Presenter or Trainer status.

Contact our Les Mills™ Training department for more information on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it