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Become a Trainer

Les Mills™ trainers are elite instructors who are hand picked for their mastery of the Les Mills™ programs and their ability to pass their skills on to others.

Trainers deliver initial training modules to aspiring instructors and also run quarterly training workshops and represent Les Mills™ at fitness conventions. As such they are supreme role models and Les Mills™ ambassadors, with great coaching, communication and organizational skills. Trainers are also masters of the five key elements of Choreography, Technique, Coaching, Connecting and creating Fitness Magic.


Becoming a trainer

become trainer1No formal international selection process exists for Les Mills™ trainers, of whom there are just 300 in the world. Instructors with the skills and passion to become a trainer are usually identified by the Les Mills™ Training Manager, but if an instructor is interested they can contact our Les Mills™ Training Department themselves.

Once identified as having the necessary potential, candidates are invited to attend a trainer boot camp where they will be coached and assessed for their expertise in the five key elements. Successful candidates may be employed to run training modules in their specialist program(s) or be used predominantly in a program presentation role. Trainers may work full-time or part-time.


Continuing education

Les Mills™ trainers attend regular regional Training Summits. There they work with the Program Directors, Training Director and other regional trainers to upskill and immerse themselves in the Les Mills™ culture, master class presentation and assessment.


Elite of the elite

Most Les Mills™ trainers operate as part of national training teams responsible to their national Training Manager. Outstanding trainers may be invited to deliver the advanced AIM training module for excellent instructors or to go to Auckland to join the presentation teams for the new quarterly classes when they are filmed for DVD. Just a handful of trainers, including the Program Directors, are appointed International Master Trainers.