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Triggerpoint Mb5 Massage Ball

Rs. 2,950

Excellent in restorative therapies for severe aches and pains, particularly the most difficult afflicted body parts.

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GRID X is perfect for fitness enthusiasts with major muscular issues or anyone who prefers extra hard compression. It is recommended by sports doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Because GRID X is twice as hard as GRID, it is a superior foam roller for breaking up tough, dense muscle tissue. This makes it a standout product on the market.




The largest size in the MB massage ball series, the MB5 massage ball is excellent for relieving problematic muscle regions. Innovative designs incorporate EVA foam, have a texture that resists slipping, promote deep tissue compression, and ease muscle pain. Ideal for treating muscle tension brought on by repetitive motions like sitting. performs best on surfaces with a firm surface.



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