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Bosu Balance Bar - 2kg

Rs. 4,500

The travel size BOSU Sport Balance Trainer is a smaller version of the Home Balance Trainer

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The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer is the best option for improving balance, strength, and flexibility while also providing a fantastic cardio exercise. The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer tests every muscle in the body with coordinated, multi-joint motions that require many muscle groups to cooperate at once. The casual home user is the target market for the BOSU® Home Balance Trainer. Ideal for full-body exercises, cardio, core exercises, and basic balance training. It is made to endure typical daily home use and has six non-slip feet. 

Balance Bar BOSU® The BOSU® Balance Bar gives balance training a new dynamic. By combining the BOSU® Balance Bar with any BOSU® Balance Trainer action, you may strengthen, tone, and challenge your balance. There are two weight possibilities for the BOSU® Balance Bar. 4 KG or 2 KG (4.4 lbs) (8.8 lbs.). The soft foam adds beauty and sleekness while improving grip.



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